cape cod is the arm of massachusetts that stands proud into the atlantic ocean. it gives scenic perspectives, clean seafood, boating, fishing, shopping and exploring opportunities. over 65 miles lengthy with 15 awesome townships, cape cod is greater than a unmarried area to live.

hotels on cape cod variety from unmarried room overnight to national chains which include radisson and sheraton. the most not unusual inns to be located on cape cod is the hotel. those drive-in “motor motels” provide the satisfactory value. frequently run by means of proprietor/managers, they now not only provide clean, comfy and private resorts however the owners usually have understanding of the nearby place which can substantially decorate your stay.

it is comforting with a view to ask the owner questions like: “wherein is the exceptional seashore?” or “where must i visit get a good lobster without paying too much?” or “what organization have to i contact to move on a whale watch?” to receive friendly and treasured advice, from a nearby resident, can handiest assist your excursion turn out to be a memorable revel in.

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