dreaming of a romantic holiday or getaway? believe sleeping under the celebs, lulled into goals by the melody of chirping birds, the wind inside the timber, blowing via the open shutters. re-ignite your romance with the aid of sweeping your companion off his or her toes. experience a few perfect ‘me-time’ with a beautiful view in the employer of the individual you love the maximum in lonavala.

nothing may be as romantic as taking walks in the rains beneath a yellow umbrella, twisting and twirling, and stretching out your fingers to feel the raindrops. lonavala, all through the monsoons, is that this and lots greater. the great time to go to lonavala is among june-september because the rains fill the lakes upto the brim and the waterfalls will become a regal outlet of effective foaming and gushing water. the surrounding becomes greener because the rain washes away all dust, dirt and infuses a clean lifestyles to the trees and plants.

as is the function of water, lonavala will become clearer, purer and greater enchanting inside the rains or in case you are someone who will sacrifice the romantic ecosystem of monsoon due to the fact you just cannot tolerate damp and wet season, lonavala has a convenient option for you. from october to march, the weather remains pretty excellent with much less rainfall and is right for sightseeing in lonavala. p.c. a few light woolens and take a stroll inside the foggy morning mist. come rain or come bloodless, the climate in lonavala remains inviting. wreck free from all your issues and fall in love with this lovely region.

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