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How long does it take for a turtle egg to hatch?
Now the question is how long does it take for a turtle egg take to hatch According to species it may also vary but normally saying that after laid turtle eggs take 8 to 10 weeks to hatch.

How do turtles mate?
The mating methods of turtles are varied according to the species, sea turtles mate under the water and then female turtle come out to laid the eggs in the dug created by her in the sand on the other side common box turtles can mate on land as well as in the ocean and afterwards eggs laid in the nest on the surface of sand in the nest not buried eggs like those of sea turtles.

How many eggs does a turtle lay at one time?
The quantity of eggs laid is depended on upon the species of turtle. It may be between 50 to 200 eggs for sea turtle while for common snapping turtle this rage is from 20 to 40 eggs and the eastern box turtle has only 3 to 8 eggs. About 90 % of the eggs destroy by the crows and other predators. Depending on the species some turtle buried the eggs under the sand by digging with their feet while others laid their eggs in the nest on sand covered with leaves.

How much does a turtle weigh?
After born the turtles are so light that it hard to measure on scale and then gradually it increase as they grow up and finally a sea turtle attain up to 700 pounds and other common species attain from 9 to 35 pounds, female turtle heavier than male as they are larger in size as compared to a male turtle.

How long can a turtle stay under water?
The time of stay under water also varies and depends on upon the species of turtles. It can stay under water for the ranges of few hours to a month. Some turtles can spend a long time underwater because they have developed such organs that can absorb oxygen from the water around them. A leatherback sea turtle have the ability to hold its breath up to 7 hours underwater while on the other side the common musk turtle have developed such type of cells on its tongue that separate oxygen from its surrounding water and eliminate its need do breath and allow him to hold its breath under water for a long time up to a month or more.

How long can a turtle stay under water
What do turtles eat:
The diet of turtles included different things surrounding them depends on upon their species and age.
– Eastern box turtles eat many things included plants, fungi, insects, fruits, berries, and vegetables. Due to the strong digestive system, it can eat allot of another thing that not in its routine food.
– The food of sea turtle is also depending on its species some are the meat eater and some eats plant while some eat both meat and plant. They have developed the shape of their jaws according to their diet. The green sea turtles developed their jaws as vegetarians and eat algae and sea grasses. Leatherback sea turtles eat jellyfish as they are deep divers.
– Pet turtles eat small goldfish, crickets, and leafy greens.

How to identify species of turtles?
There are different factors that consider identifying the species of turtles some of them are below
Color of the turtle
– Leg and toe shape
– Location from where it belongs to
– Size and color of turtle shell and head also key factor to identify the species
The shells of the turtle have different aspects that used to identify its species such as the shape and pattern of a shell. A leatherback turtle has a very hard shell on the other hand desert tortoises have the very vaulted top shell and clearly shown the growth line on each scut of a shell. With the red strives on its head shows that it’s a red-eared slider and a yellow line identifies the western painted turtles while a sea turtle can be identified with the flippers as they have the lack of toes.

How long turtles live?
The life of the turtles also depends on upon the species they belong to some live 10 to 15 years and some up to 150 years, a recent study indicates that a healthy turtle that saves from other deceases can live up to 400 to 500 years.

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