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How Much Do You Have To Weigh To Give Blood:

Human blood has no substitute. So it’s very precious thing for life-saving, about every 7th patient who admits to hospital needs blood.
As a blood donor, it’s a very important question for you that how much do you have to weigh to give blood. There are different ranges of weighing depends on upon the height and sex.
The minimum weigh is 50 kg or 110 pounds and age is not less than 17 years that must have a person that donate the blood, on the other hand, the maximum weigh is 200 kg or 441 pounds depending on the age of donor that may not harm the health by giving the blood.
Types of blood

According to American Red Cross, there are four major types of blood consist as
A Group
B Group
AB Group
O Group
These four groups further divide into four types with + or – sign. The positive or negative sign shows the presence or absence of other antigen called Rh factor. Blood that contains Rh factor falls in the positive while the absence of Rh factor shows a negative type of blood. The O negative group is called a universal group because it can be given to any needy patient having any blood group like A, B or AB.
Blood donation eligibility

– A donor should have a general good health and feel good.
– Minimum Age is 17 years and there is no upper limit.
– The patient of high blood pressure is also acceptable that have blood pressure range between 100 diastolic to 180 systolic.
– A controlled diabetes patient can also donate blood.
– A person who don’t donate blood in the last 3 months.

Who cannot donate blood?

– Hepatitis patient.
– An addicted person who used self-injected drugs.
– The person having tattoo can’t donate blood up to 6 months of getting tattoo according to Red Cross.
– The person falls in a risk group of AIDS.
(According to the FDA regulations all the persons lie in the group of high risk of AIDS that have had male to male sex after 1977)

blood donation

Blood donation benefits

As blood donation activity save the life of the patient, it also provides many benefits to the health of blood donor. These different benefits encourage you to become a regular blood donor. Just because of benefits anybody can’t donate blood.
Let’s discuss some benefits that can be avail by a person by donating blood.

Donation of blood reduced the risk of heart attack and strokes. In a research, a group of people having age between 43 to 61 years donate blood every six months and they save from strokes and heart attacks.
According to a study, there is a relation between blood viscosity and damage in arterial. As much as blood going to thick it create the problem in the flow of blood and in the consequences it damages the cells lining the arteries. By donating blood regularly you can reduce the viscosity of blood. It also removes iron from blood that creates oxidative stress that harms cardiovascular system irreparably.
Another study conduct of two groups in which one group donate blood every six months whiles other not. The researcher found that 1st group who donate blood having less amount of iron as compared to a 2nd group who don’t donate blood. Low iron reduced the risk of cancer in the persons who donate blood.
By donating blood you can burn about 600 to 650 calories with one pint of blood.
According to a study of American Psychological Association the persons who donate blood voluntary without expecting any return reduced the risk of mortality. This happy feeling and satisfaction of saving a life of others tend blood donor to live longer.
A free check up is done by doctors of volunteer blood donor that thorough check up provides them complete detail about their health and in the case of any disease early treatment can be possible.
Blood donation is also useful for beauty as it maintains the body weight and glow skin.



It is informed that above information is only a guideline and for an educational requirement and in all cases concern and follow the instruction that advised by your doctor.

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