do not deliver masses of cash and valuables around with you for your character. depending upon what type of excursion lodging you’re occupying, preserve such things as passports, watches and jewelry in the lodging’s secure or if it doesn’t have one, check out what security box condo is to be had on the nearest bank.

avoid using high-priced or ‘nicely-crammed’ handbags. they may be snatched effortlessly and except you’re extraordinarily fortunate, in an effort to be the last you ever see of them. that is probably a disaster if it become an high-priced dressmaker brand bag or if it includes lots of treasured files and valuables.

do not market it to neighborhood crooks by flaunting mega-high priced wrist watches and very high priced jewelry round your neck and wrist whilst you’re out and about. you’ll be surprised at how speedy these things may be snatched or in other times, actually eliminated without you even noticing.

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