since the velvet revolution in 1989, the wide variety of tourists touring prague has multiplied exponentially. these days prague is becoming a booming attraction in imperative europe. due to the expanded tourism interest the amount of accommodations, pensions, hostels and private resorts were regularly growing.

the excessive season for vacationer travels to prague is april to october, as well as christmas and new 12 months. with the growing popularity of prague amongst vacationers, it might be recommended so one can arrange your resorts as a minimum three to four weeks earlier in case you plan to visit prague during the busy season.

the rankings of the inns in prague do no longer commonly correspond to the global policies of lodge scores because of the truth that motel owners price their accommodations themselves. so, resorts with a 3 star score can now and again be higher and more steeply-priced than some four megastar rated accommodations.

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